Lola in Slacks

New bands to watch for in this 2015

New Bands You Have to Hear

2015 is already here, and there are some good recommended bands or artists you should listen to:

 1.You The Living deals  in a brilliant wash of Darkwave, Post-Punk, No Wave, Electronic music with their captivating demos:

2. Super Besse are two skinny teenagers who have dug deep into music history to take inspiration from Factory Records. Post punk of the early eighties and translate it through their own uncertain world of the modern times:

3. Beaty Heart sounds like Animal Collective, Vampire Weekend or Clock Opera. New album ‘Mixed Blessings’ was released on June 2nd:

4. Faerground Accidents is a four piece band from Sheffield, it’s a kind of Brett Anderson who wears his lipstick that’ll make Robert Smith of the Cure wince with jealousy…and the tunes kind of Smiths, Libertines and late ’80s Wedding Present flavours…

5. Bete Noire  is a Londoner five piece band who described itself as being spiky, edgy, sultry and downright infectious. For Interpol, Bloc Party or Placebo listeners, check them out:

6. Blossoms supporters of Inspiral Carpets in their tour, these Stockport five-piece Blossoms have opted to invent their very own sub-genre: Ethereal Nostalgic Sonance. Psyche-pop riffs, vocal melodies, a film noir meets 60s aesthetic, a range of audible references from Arctic Monkeys via Abba to The Doors. Blossoms’ brand new track, “Blow” was released on October 20th via The Coral’s James Skelly’s label.

7. Lola in Slacks come from Glasgow.The group is fronted by spell-binding femme fatale, Lou Reid, whose voice fuses Eartha Kitt and Marianne Faithfull. They produce a sexy garage swagger of The Velvet Underground with a confidence kind of Tim Buckley. A new single is expected early 2015, hopefully a new album:

8. Good Grief is the wonderful wonderful debut album by Grawl!x, the solo project of ex-My Psychoanalyst singer and guitarist James Machin. He’s publishing a varied record that starts out with simple piano and a string quartet arrangement, a gentle opening that acts as a sort of ‘reset’ button on your world, readying you for the 9 tracks that follow. Due Feb 2015.

9. Deers create a scratchy indue cranked with fuzz furnace live. They come from Madrid:

10. Johnny Sly are a band from Manchester making music they love for the sake of making music they love. Some great twitchy indie tracks with big band glow on their Lost Thoughts EP.