Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman – “What’s the Perfume that You Wear?”

Jens Lekman


Swede songwriter Jens Lekman has announced Life Will See You Now, his first new record since 2012’s I Know What Love Isn’t. It’s out February 17 via Secretly Canadian. The announcement is accompanied by lead single “What’s That Perfume That You Wear?,” which originally appeared on the 2014 WWJD mixtape.

Life Will See You Now:

1. To Know Your Mission
2. Evening Prayer
3. Hotwire The Ferris Wheel
4. What’s That Perfume That You Wear?
5. Our First Fight
6. Wedding in Finistère
7. How We Met, The Long Version
8. How Can I Tell Him
9. Postcard #17
10. Dandelion Seed

Listen in here:


Jens Lekman – “”Postcard #2”


Jens Lekman’s New Year’s Resolution is to write and share a new song each week. Last week, he posted the first in the series, “Postcard #1”, and today he’s shared this week’s entry, “Postcard #2”. The song incorporates a sample of South African composer Abdullah Ibrahim’s “Mamma”. Listen below:


Jens Lekman – “Postcard #1”


“Happy new year!
Here’s my new years resolution for 2015: While working on my next album, I will sit down once a week, write down my thoughts, turn them into a song and share it with you directly. Think of these little songs as postcards. Little greetings from me to you”

Jens Lekman

Good news! Listen to it here: