Fluoride – “Sleep”


Last year Beach Fossils frontman Dustin Payseur and his wife, Katie Garcia announced the launch of their label, Bayonet Records. The duo noted that they will be releasing new material from Frankie Cosmos, Red Sea, Beach Fossils as well as three of Payseur’s side projects. Fluoride is one of those undertakings. In March, Fluoride will release their first album Material. “Sleep” is the first single. Check it out as well as Material’s tracklisting:

Material tracklist:
01 “Androma”
02 “Glass Bricks”
03 “Cargo”
04 “Mass Mind”
05 “Collision”
06 “Clay”
07 “Sleep”
08 “Who Loves Me / Who Loves You”
09 “Headstar”

Material will be out 3/3 via Bayonet.


Sea Oleena – “Shallow” LP


#Newbandoftheday: Sea Oleena, this Montreal-based artist has been usually compared to Grouper . Her debut  full length album, Shallow, is already out via Lefse Records. Now on streaming: